Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, SON!

My boy is all grown up now.  He is 34 tomorrow. I can't believe this much time has passed. It seems like yesterday that he was so into ET and couldn't get enough of this toy.
He was a funny little guy...SON, not ET.  He could imitate those big lumbering animals from Dark Crystal.  He'd come over to me all bent over and slowly moving and say Dark Crystal, Mommy!
The one on the right not the cute little elf thing.
He used to love to wear my boots.  He'd come into the kitchen all smiles and smashing those poor boots  so they were all wrinkly around the ankles.   He was a funny sight to see!
He loved Star Wars and I think it's safe to say he still does.  He even had The Empire Strikes Back sheets and bedspread...and a light saber.
When he was a young teen he got interested in on line role playing games so we didn't see much of him for a while.  He just stayed up in that room plugging away at the game. 
He eventually got off to college and got a job as a night security checker for the University.  A job I never thought he would want.  He thought he wanted to be a teacher but became a computer analyst instead....with our blessing.  We knew how much money teachers made thanks to my career.
He got a job at Cleveland Clinic hospital and we felt so proud even though his salary was larger than mine or DH's !
Now he's a man.  He has a lovely girlfriend, his own house and he still loves Star Wars, Star Trek and now, Dr. Who.  Recognize him up there?  Dr. Who, I mean.  Bow ties and cowboy hats are cool.
The blessings this young man has brought to my life are countless.  He makes me laugh until my sides ache and he can make me cry with joy.  He is responsible and loving and luckily, no longer tries to wear my boots.
Love you, SON!!!

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