Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Exploding Brain

I used to tell my kids that I had too much imput and had to have some solitude.  It didn't happen often, the solitude, I mean but the overloaded brain happens to me a lot.
Right now, many things in my life are changing. None of them are bad.  Actually, they are all wonderful.  But they are all happening at the same time and my poor old brain just can't keep up.
So some things have slid, like writing this blog.  I know I never have a lot to say and it is hardly ever anything deep or meaningful but it is a good outlet and keeps me busy.
My other blog, Read Around Sue, can't go by the wayside.  I have made commitments to too many authors.
I have lists galore.  One is for things I need to buy.  One is for things that need to be done around the house.  One is for errands. One is for dinners.  One is for dates I have to keep.  The lists are scattered around the house...strategically placed (I hope) to remind me of all that is to be done.
They always say that the brain is like a computer.  Well, mine needs an update!

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