Friday, February 7, 2014

Kia Twins

Well, you know I always get excited when I see a Kia just like my little Alien. I see one almost every day or so it seems.  I have to push down the urge to wave to them like I am six.
Today I saw a Kia Soul just like mine as I entered the freeway.  It was way back but it caught up to me.  I was going to wave a little hello just for the heck of it but I chickened out.  Thank goodness I did because on the back window there was a sticker......of a SKULL!!!!!!!!  OMG! A Badass Soul.  Never thought I'd see the day.
Remember when they tried to make the little Kia Hamsters look like they lived in the hood? They were supposed to be badass.  Didn't really work for a car that little old ladies are driving around my town in.  In case you don't here they are
Then they tried to doll them up.  Little old ladies are still flocking to buy Souls.  I don't think that is the crowd they were trying to lure with these guys
Now really don't they look like the Cary Grants of hamsterdom?  I'm sure they were hoping some young women would be tempted by the Soul from this ad but in my neck of the woods, little old ladies are still the biggest Kia Soul fans!
If Kia ever figures that out be prepared to see Grandpa Hamsters in their rocking chairs but they'll jump at the chance to get into a Soul. Why should they?  Just think of the "chicks" they could meet!

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