Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reality Check

Well, this guy is a drinker.  He is from my soap opera and as much as he tries)and it's not much) he always returns to the bottle.  On the night of the drink above he went on to drink himself into oblivion, took a gun and killed a woman.  Then he had no memory of doing so.  I think that's called a blackout.
Well, he got out of it because there was lack of evidence but he is still torn with guilt because he's pretty sure he did it.  If only he could remember.  So what does this guy do?  He starts carrying a flask and walks around a little drunk all the time.
But now there's been a miracle.  He is starting to remember.  The drunker he gets, the more clear it becomes.  Apparently if you swill enough vodka, your memory returns.
What has that to do with me?  Well, I am having my own reality check today.  I started painting one of the bedrooms upstairs and after I cut in, I started to roll.  I was on my knees, climbed a stepladder, rolled that roller up and down for an hour and a half. I AM EXHAUSTED.  The room is nowhere near to done.  I, however, am a big, fat, sweaty, sweaty, MESS!!
So I am taking a break.  Perhaps I should imbibe a little vodka.....seems to work for that soap opera guy!

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