Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, Same Old Me

It is time to reflect on the choices we have made in the past year and the choices we want to make in the future. Many are considering diets, quitting smoking, giving up carbs, swearing less, being on time, or being a better friend.
I have made resolutions for almost my whole life and guess what?? This year I'm not making any. Instead I am setting monthly goals and I am writing them down and checking them off as I go along. Now if I keep up at my normal pace, I will do this through February and then I won't do it anymore. I would say that I am determined to do it but then it does sound like a resolution and I am not doing that anymore. I have goals to avoid carbs for two weeks, limit carbs for two more weeks, exercise at the Y three times a week and do Yoga twice a week through the month of January.
I bought a little notebook and have made the little calendar to check off each goal each day. It is real cute. I really like the notebook too. It is a pretty little thing so I am hoping it will inspire me to use it even if I don't really feel like it. If nothing else, I can use it to make grocery lists later.
It is easy to make goals and resolutions when you feel fine. I have a terrible head cold or allergy thing going on and I only want donuts and fluffy slippers. I don't care that my tummy isn't flat and that I haven't emailed everyone I should for the last week. The television sounds too loud and I can't bend over without my nose running and my head aching. I slept practically sitting up on the couch last night so I plan to spend most of the day in bed!!
I think I'm pretty much ok most of the time, that everyone has flaws that maybe they should change, and that no matter how much I diet I will end up looking pretty much the same. So I also think that isn't so bad.

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