Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Hear Those Sleigh Bells

I want to decorate my house for the holidays so badly but there is just one little problem. We had a new pass thru installed in our wall between the front room and the kitchen and the electric won't work now!! It also needs to be sanded, replastered and painted. And I will probably have to do most of it all by myself.
I have the Little Red Hen Syndrome. Nobody else will do it so I have to do it myself. For some things, like making cookies or decorating for Christmas or dusting I don't mind. Big things like this just get me mad.
It isn't like they don't want to help. My son already volunteered to paint but that was before I found out the electric didn't work and now I'm not sure when it will be fixed and who knows if he will be available? Same with my husband...he wants to help too but will he be here or will he be stuck with long hours at work and be on call when I need him most? At least I'm home all the time and can do it if I have to.
The pressure is on because Christmas waits for no repair. I would like to put my tree up in the front room for a change but that might not work out under the present circumstances. Besides, it is pretty messy in every room because I thought I would be painting and cleaning could wait until I was finished.
I'm getting a fresh stomach ache just thinking about the whole mess.
At least my shopping is done( unless I reexamine the piles and decide it isn't enough which I do almost every year) and I don't have too many engagements so far but that could change at any time. As much as I love Christmas, this year I hope it takes its time getting here so I can have some heavenly peace.
Oh, I know, I will just think of the plaster dust as a little snowfall and just leave,no, that won't work. Maybe I could be like Santa and just wiggle my nose and it will get wait, that's Samantha from Bewitched. Maybe I'll just stop worrying about it and remember the reason for the season! Yep, that sounds like a plan!

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