Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Flip Side

For those of you who may be thinking that DH and I are just big drinkers now, I have photos of our day today that will wipe that thought from your mind.
We went to Penitentiary Glen near our home and had a good mile and 3/4 walk. 
Being the kind of quiet people we are, there wasn't much talking between us plus the first half was all uphill(although not steep) so a lot of effort went into just breathing.  On the way down, our quietness was rewarded because we saw a baby deer as I would say or a fawn as DH would say.  He is much more technical than I.  We saw its mother too although she didn't seem to want a photo taken like her baby did.
You should have seen that little thing!  It was teetering between mortal fear and curiosity just like any other little kid I ever met. Luckily, it didn't bolt until after its "photo shoot."

OOPS  This is Chapin Forest, not Penitentary Glen!  Sorry about that.

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