Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baited Breath

I live in Cleveland and for the past few weeks everyone has been speculating on what LeBron is going to do.  Will he stay?  Will he go?   Miami or New York?  Chicago or Cleveland?
He is finally going to make an announcement tonight on ESPN and let us all in on the big secret.
People have bets going and some are doing their darnedest to show LeBron how much he means to Cleveland by having rallies of support all over the place.
You know what I think?  The kid should do what he wants.
I don't think he has to stay true to his local roots.  If he wants to take a chance and open himself up to ridicule and scorn, then he should.  If he wants to move to NYC and have the paparazzi follow him everywhere and report his every move, be my guest.  If he wants to go to Chicago and try to be the next Michael Jordan, that's all right too.
We seem to forget that  we get all emotional about this but for King James it is a business decision.  I'm sure it is a difficult one.  He might even be a little emotional about it.  But he gets to choose.  It's his business and not ours.
So I'm not waiting with baited breath for his decision.  Whatever he decides, it's ok by me.  Like LeBron cares what I think.......or what you think........or what any of us mere mortals think.  He gets to choose all by himself.
OK so maybe not all by himself...I'm sure he has a team of advisers and an entourage who all will have input.  But in the end, there is only one who can decide.  Good Luck, matter where you are  you will always be the hometown boy who made good.

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