Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is not for sissies.  I am here to tell you that those tiny sips can do you in faster than a speeding bullet.   Especially if you get an owner pouring who is so proud of his wine that he can't stop telling you to "try this one."
We spent two days tasting and one night recovering but it was well worth it.  The wines were yummy, we have some new favorite wines and wineries and we just had plain old fun!  Now who can complain about that?
Thanks to all the friendly vintners.  They are exceptionally kind and forthcoming when you are their only customers.  The beauty surrounding us was unreal even though the temps were in the nineties! (Thank goodness for a Lake Erie cool breeze!)
We brought some wine home for enjoying at a later date.  Maybe we'll share with you, you never know.

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