Friday, July 2, 2010

Unforgettable--That's What I'm Not

I just had a conversation with a lady yesterday at the place where I work out.  We talked about getting injuries we have no idea where they came from--mostly black and blue marks, but it went on for quite some time and we laughed together even.
Today she came in and looked right at me and had no clue she had ever seen me before in her life.  I'm sure glad I didn't send her a big Hello!  I did smile tentatively at her in case she recognized me but nope, no response.
Now this doesn't really surprise me because you see sometimes I get invisible.  It happens mostly at the mall where people have a tendency to step on my foot.  Apparently, I was invisible through our whole conversation.
What really gets me is why don't the people you wish wouldn't remember you, do?
You know if somebody you just met sees you do something really stupid.  Or if you say the wrong thing you hope other people in the room just won't remember the next time you see them?  Or what about somebody who is really annoying and you wish you never met them?  Those people always remember me and fondly.  Oh, brother.
Not that I want to be pals with that woman at the gym.  Nobody there is really pals(Unless you come with a buddy like I do).  We carry on conversations that are superficial at best.  Like today we talked about food at the baseball game.  I told them how my daughter's friend got hit by a sandwich when we went early in the season and the wind was blowing like we were in a blizzard.
It just would have been nice if she would have said hello.  It's no fun being invisible.  People step on your foot all the time!

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