Friday, July 9, 2010

Complete One Eighty

OK OK I know I said LeBron had every right to leave the Cavs.....but, really, I never thought he would.  Dan Gilbert wrote a scathing letter about LeBron's leaving and it is well written although very very angry and disappointed. 
You know what?  Even before I read that letter...oh, sometime around 9:30 last night I did my complete one eighty.  I agree with Dan.  The kid should've stayed here in his home territory.  He is a child of Northeast Ohio and that should mean something to him.   I liked what Dan said.
He assures us there is a championship coming to Cleveland and that LeBron took the Cleveland curse with them.  Hear that, Indians and Browns??  You can be great teams again too.  The curse has been lifted.  You will hit more homeruns and make great plays in the field.  You football guys haven't even started so you are really in luck.  Your whole season will be blessed.
Thanks to LeBron for taking the curse with him.  Oh, and by the way, that was the most disgusting use of television time in the history of mankind, LeBron.  Just so you know.
The King is dead (at least in Cleveland)......long live the new King whoever he turns out to be.

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Anonymous said...

I am sad it came to this. It was really a BAD way for LeBron to leave. Not even agreeing to a sign and trade. He must have been ticked w/Cleve. I agree with Dan Gilbert--LB quit playing once we got to the playoffs. I kept saying what is going on during the playoffs. He stunk! Must have been he had this in mind for a while. But to leave Cleve the way he did--shame on him. Cleveland had no chance to use his salary/contract in a trade to atrack a good player. He must have been worried we'd be too good if he did that. So I can't wait to see if he can stand the heat. If he can stand not being the big King in the new chess game in Miami. Who gets the shots/limelight???? Share??? I think not a comfy situation for him. Bean