Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Food Cults

I read yesterday in the news that some foods have a cult following.  Among them were The McRib, the Shamrock Shake, and Sweet Potato Fries from a fast food place that I can't remember.  Lettuce does not have a cult following...no big surprise there, huh?
Reading that made me wonder if there was a food I was jonesing after so badly that I would join a cult for it.  Even watching my weight, I still eat a fun thing now and then.  I could not think of one thing that I crave so badly that I could join a cult about it.
Apparently there are websites to help cultists find the object of the culinary desire.  Some of them are not easily found I guess so they post the addresses of the restaurants(and I use that term loosely) so you could drive there and get one....or two.
Don't get me wrong.  There are lots of foods that aren't good for me that I love--like fries from our local sports bar and cheesecake--but I don't have to worry, they are available all the time.  There is a particular shake at holiday time that makes me drool but this year I've passed(so far ;D).
I was thinking of starting a lettuce cult but then I thought that nobody else would join and what fun is a cult of one??


anna said...

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VikiTikiTavi said...

haha, i just joined this site and am slowly picking my way round it. your blog was one of the first i came across and i am glad as you have made smile and laugh. i love the way you write. and no....im sorry to say, there prob wouldnt be much of a following for a lettuce cult. now a chocolate cult on the other hand.........lol. xx

SUE said...

Thanks, Viki! Glad you enjoy my blog.