Friday, December 31, 2010

Here It Comes!

Watch out, everyone. 2011 is on its way here.  No ducking.  No hiding.  It's a New Year and it promises.....well, everything.  It's not the sure thing that 2010 is now.  It's an unknown, a variable, a new beginning and a chance to change.
I would like  a few changes in my life.  For one thing, I would like nobody I know to have cancer ever again.
I would like to find more ways to help children.   Did I ever tell you about the voice in church that said, "Save the Children" ?   Now may be the time.
I would like to live in every way. From my relationships to war in the world--I'd like it gone,gone,gone.
I would like to live the healthy life style that we started in 2010.  In spite of all my blogs about wine and wineries, we do live in a healthy way.
I hope my children will find happiness and fulfillment even more so than this year.
I hope DH and I get a chance to travel somewhere we haven't been before.
I would like to be more organized than I am and I would like to finish some projects that I started in 2010.
So that's a pretty tall order, 2011.  You better get started...let's say in about 16 hours and 23 minutes(if my math is correct)!

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