Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tell Me Why

I follow a woman on Facebook who used to write spoilers for the soap operas.  She was very accurate and I enjoyed reading her column.
Then a terrible thing happened.  She developed cancer for the second time.  It is some unusual and rare cancer that is always fatal.  She has hung in there with support from her partner and her former soap audience and her wonderful Oncologist.
She had an epiphany of faith and had a positive outlook.
Today she posted that her supposedly "psychic" friend left a voice mail telling her that she had seen this poor woman's death and usually the person who she sees dying has only a couple of weeks to a couple of months until they pass over......oh, and she hopes she didn't ruin their night.
HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is some friend, isn't it??  I would like to get a hold of this woman and give her holy hell.  I wonder what she was thinking.  Did she think she was giving this woman comfort?  Was she giving her time to get her affairs in order?  Was she giving her time to reach out to all those she cares about to say goodbye? 
Or was she just a mean bitch?
You probably can guess what I think.

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