Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dance,Ballerina, Dance

I watch All My Children every day and have since the first day it was ever on. Well, almost. I had to work for thirty years and most of those did not include the DVR capabilities we have now. But I was a teacher and I could catch up in the summers.

I never watch in real time anymore or why would I have a DVR, right??

Well, AMC has its ups and downs as entertainment. Sometimes the stories are great and sometimes they are only soso. Some people never change(Erica) and some people change so often you can't keep up(Jake Martin).

Right now, AMC is okay but most people feel it has gone entirely downhill. I hate to hear all the criticism since the show is an icon. Let's face it--it's a's supposed to be fraught with things that could never happen and people who are beautiful and never go for more than a week without a new love interest. So don't complain when it gets soapy.

This week, I saw the two soapiest things!! First the young wife of Adam Chandler does a semi strip tease dance(after all it is afternoon tv) and gives him a heart attack! Then good old Tad(who has been around for a loooong time) goes home with Liza(his high school sweetie who has recently returned as a new actress) and she starts to do a strip tease dance for him and he cracks up laughing!!!!!!! Thank goodness, Tad didn't have a heart attack! He has gone from a young boy( a different actor) to a teenage cad(they even called him Tad the Cad) to a middle aged man with silver hair.

Things must be really desperate for the ladies of Pine Valley if they all have to become exotic dancers for their love interests. Dear God, I hope and pray Erica Kane doesn't start dancing for her current love, Ryan.

Then I would have to stop watching!

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