Monday, January 11, 2010


I got a wii fit for Christmas and then I got a bronchial infection which knocked me out for a good week or so.

I wanted that wii fit so badly. I hate just walking alone and my walking buddy can only go three times a week. I didn't want to have to drive to the YMCA either so the wii fit seemed like the perfect answer.

The day after Christmas I got right on and worked out for forty minutes and intended to keep it up. Then I got sick--really legitimately sick and couldn't get on for a long time and do you know that darn little thing keeps track of how long it is between workouts???????

I couldn't believe my eyes when it told me I hadn't been on for so many days and that DH is having his birthday real soon and did I think of planning a surprise party for him??Say, what?? No I have no surprise party plans, thank you, you nosy little thing.

The wii fit has yoga and balancing games, aerobic workouts and strengthening workouts. It is fun and they are all short so you can mix it up so it doesn't get boring. I got it to work today with no problem except I couldn't remember how to get the sound. Have to ask DH about that.

I do pretty well at yoga poses I did at the YMCA class and terrible on the ones I never tried before. I do the aerobic basic run and I did ok but not as good as before the bronchitis. I still am having a little trouble with the breathing thing.

Working out has to be fun or I just won't do it. Thanks goodness for wii and thank goodness it is going to yell at me if I haven't done my workout. It will keep me motivated, bless it's little plastic heart!

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