Monday, January 25, 2010


James Mitchell passed away last week. You may not know who he is but if you are an All My Children fan you will remember him as Palmer Cortland. Palmer came to Pine Valley and was a ruthless, controlling big business tycoon with a beautiful and frail daughter, Nina. He manipulated her and as the years went by, he manipulated many people. He did morph into a father figure for Erica Kane and even later, a softie with a heart full of love for the most inappropriate woman in town, Opal.
I saw James Mitchell at our local mall in the eighties and I told him that a day without Palmer was like a day without sunshine( I know, I know, corny as all get out). Oddly enough, it hasn't been sunny one day here since his passing.
James was around for a long time. He was a dancer and played the part of Curly in the dance sequence in OKLAHOMA, the movie. He was strong and elegant. He made your heart go pitty-pat. I didn't realize it was him until that fateful day in our mall when he came to town.
I read online that he was a really sweet man. I'm glad. I will miss him and Palmer too.

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