Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This and That

Oh, Jay Leno, you are being such a creep. Let Conan and Jimmy have the late night tv spots and retire to do something else. It's time. It's evident that nobody really cares for you at 10pm. What makes you think they will at 11:35??
I used to like Jay on the Tonight show...a lot. At ten, I thought the show was stilted and embarrassing. Things that seemed funny just before you fall asleep somehow end up not funny at all before the news.
Think about it, Jay. Let the younger guys have their moment.
All the kids on my Soap, All My Children are being recast. They will either grow older or just be a different kid. I hate that! The kids all seem to be the most sensible of any of the characters on a soap. I hate when they tinker around with them. AMC is moving to California and that's why the change but I still don't like it.
Also,Erica has a new lover--a younger man and I forgot how much I hate it when she preens and postures for a new love. She is looking very silly and not because of the age difference. Grow up, Erica...take a page from the kids on your show.
James Franco just left his spot on General Hospital and all in all it was a creepy, scary story line. The only problem was not much happened until the last day. I know the soaps drag things out but this was ridiculous which made Franco, the character, seem ridiculous too.
I have been trying Clif bars for breakfast. I got sick of making eggs and everything else I like is sweet so I thought I'd try something that is healthy even though it's a little sweet. They are not bad. I might try another flavor.
Yesterday, I met my walking buddy for the first time in 2010. It was good to be back in the old routine. Hopefully, today I can get my Wii to work as yesterday was a dismal failure. I just am not tech savvy but I'm working on it.
DH has his birthday this weekend so the kids will be here and that will be so fun. We already have our plan in place and are rarin' to go! Part of the plan includes getting new license plates for the car. Jealous?????????????????????

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