Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who's the Fattest in the Land?

Not here in Ohio by gum!  We lost our spot at number 13 this year.
Wanna know why?  Have we all gone on a diet as a state?  Is there a government stipend if we lose 5% of our body fat?  Are we nutritious eaters after getting the shock of being #13?
Heck, no!   Other states just pigged out more than we did.  We are still not slackers in the pig-out department, don't you worry.  We still snarf down our peirogies and ribs and fast food just as furiously as before.
We are not the models of a healthy lifestyle. 
Silly DH and I, what did we go and join Weight Watchers for? Everyone is getting fatter than us with no effort on our part.  I think I'll tell him I want to quit....and then go get me some fries!

Just kidding!

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