Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boy, Oh, Boy

This morning we were treated to a delightful film about Tarzan's son.  I bet you think his name is Boy.  That is what Tarzan named him when he found him but you would be so wrong.
His name is Bomba....or Jack....or Korack, depending on who you ask.  I have a hunch that Jane named him Jack.
Anyway,, Bomba  learned a lot from his father about swinging on vines and fighting bad guys.  He even learned the lesson about walking with a cute girl and a monkey, always hold hands with the monkey!
He wrestled with the bad guy in the water but we didn't see if he could summon up animals with a Tarzan yell.
Cheetah was around too.  As a matter of fact I think Cheetah is still around but I haven't heard for sure lately.  At the end, Boy..oh, sorry, Bomba went off into the jungle after saving the day all alone but as the people he saved rode away in their boat, Cheetah joined him up in the tree and I think they held hands again.  As you can see from the pics below they had a long history together.
We had the most fun watching the little bit of the movie that we did, it was a great start to hopefully a great day!

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