Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmys 2010

I thought I watch a lot of television but last night's Emmys proved me wrong.  I kept saying to DH-"who's that?"  He didn't know either.  That, however, doesn't keep me from having my opinion on how they were dressed!  Half of them are skinny as broomsticks and look slightly ill if you ask me.  You can't starve yourself that much and still look good in person.   Maybe on camera you can pull it off but not in the glaring California sun.
Susan Sarandon and Glenn Close, if you want to have your picture taken at an awards show, don't stand by your daughter who looks ravishing and YOUNG!!  You have to keep up the allusion that you are young or you won't get any more jobs except as somebody's gramma.  You are both wonderful and talented so take my advice.
Speaking of Grammas, Betty White went classic in the everybody's gramma's dress that she wore to their wedding.
To the web sites that tell me that John Hamm's girlfirend is ( l.) and the only other person in the picture is him, I think I can figure that out for myself.  Oh, and John, don't give the thumbs up--not very "Don Draper" of you.
I think the most beautiful of all last night was Claire Danes.  She looked wonderful and was in a wonderful movie that explains some things about autism. Simply elegant are the words that come to mind.  The only person who came close was the little girl from Mad Men.
Lea Michele from Glee looked lovely too.
Mariska Hargity was channeling her mom--the very curvy Jayne Mansfield, don't you think?  Pretty Vavavavoom.
January Jones looked out of it and her dress fit her persona quite well?  What was she thinking?  Oh, wait , from the look of her last night(she went from staring vapidly into the ozone to a big crazy grin if someone spoke to her) she wasn't thinking at all.
But, by far, the weirdest look of the night went to that girl from The Office.  You'll see what I mean.  What can one even say about this get up??
Once again I had a most enjoyable time playing fashion police. Thanks, Emmys!

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