Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Official

I am officially SICK AND TIRED of the meltdown guy. (Notice how I just had a mini meltdown of my own?)  That's because I can't stand looking at that guy's self satisfied smug expression for one more day.
And now, Entertainment Tonight wants to know who I think should play him in the movie  Matt Damon or Philip Seymour Hoffman?  You know who I think it should be?  NOBODY!  This guy does not deserve any movie deal or book deal or any kind of deal.
His boring and probably petty life would not make a good show and one meltdown does not a movie make.  I hear that the passengers were real jerks to him for 20 years but if that many people are jerks to you maybe you need to take a look at yourself--I'm just sayin'.
Drinking beer while sliding down the escape hatch seems like juvenile to me and ranting over the intercom was just plain stupid.
In this economic hard time, I'm pretty sure that someone would love that job with pretty good pay and benefits.  I bet there will be a line around the block if his job opens up.  Oh, who am I kidding, when his job opens up.
So now he's been famous for fifteen minutes....or one hundred and fifty hours or  fifteen me it seems like forever and I am forever sick of seeing or hearing about him!
P.S.  I don't even know his name nor do I care to But I'll google search a picture of him just for the heck of it and post it here.

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