Thursday, August 26, 2010


Since I seem to be on a roll with frogs, I just found out that there is a frog that is the size of a pea.  No kidding!  Scientists just discovered its existence recently.  I don't know if it is poisonous or what good it does for the environment but how cute is that??  The size of a pea!
It seems like a cross between two fairy tales gone wild--the princess and the pea who turned into a frog!  I like it!  It may be a new classic.
Anyway, scientists discovered them because they made "harsh, rasping noises" at sundown.  The scientist  and I quote"made them" jump onto a white cloth to study them.  I just wondered how you make a frog do what you want.  I would have loved to be there.  Did they say," Jump,frog,jump"??   Or "Get onto the white cloth or else"? or "Pretty please with a fly on top"?  They probably really just prodded or poked them but I just got that mental picture and it made me laugh.
I saw a picture of one of the frogs by a penny but I didn't copy it to post here because it just looks like a little blob on the side of the penny.  I found a better pic but remember this little guy is only 10.6mm in size.
Now that that's done, maybe we can get on to the problem of global warming or animal extinction.

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