Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stay in Line

We have construction going on all over our highways.  You might too.  One of the signs that is prominently displayed when lanes narrow is "Stay in Lane."  The first time I ever saw it I thought it said stay in line.  It is probably because I said that about five billion times  in my lifetime.  I taught kindergarten and had to move those little ones down the hall and out on field trips.  Stay in line became my mantra.  Didn't want to lose anyone and I never did!
I also unpacked the diswasher five billion times.  I know that is an exaggeration but if you are in charge of the chores to maintain your household you know what I mean.  I try to change it up every now and then by taking out the silverware first and the glassware last and the next time take out the glassware first and then the plates.  It still is a dumb and repetitive chore.
I am positive that I have done five billion loads of laundry and every time I finish the last load, someone tosses another dirty article of clothing into the hamper and it starts all over again!!  If you do the laundry for your family you know that is true.
Some things have to done over and over.  I guess that's why we enjoy something that only happens once in a while.  Like fairs and concerts or going out to dinner.  So I am setting myself a goal to go out to dinner five billion times.  It should work out fine as long as I stay in line!

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