Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing Like It

We went for another walk today in Chapin Forest and boy it was a doozy.  I am glad it is cooler today so the sweating wasn't so bad.  We got a little mixed up and took the long way but it was beautiful and so green!
There seemed to be way more uphill than down but I made it.  Next time I am wearing my hiking shoes and not my walking shoes!  I tripped over a tree limb but that wasn't the fault of the shoes just my own neglect.  (As in neglecting to look down at where the path was headed!)
I am kind of a klutz but I am getting stronger so at least I didn't land on my face or anything like that.  That would just be me--go for a walk and break your nose!   But it didn't happen and I am so proud of myself.
The views from the path were beautiful as it goes close to a valley and a former quarry.  I can't wait to see it as the leaves change color.  Don't worry, I'm not in a big hurry for summer to end--I'm just sayin'.
I sometimes wish we had done all this hiking with our kids but we'll just take them now and then since they both have busy schedules and one of them doesn't even live here!
So now we have earned the wine trip we are taking this afternoon and we will give our arms a little workout as well as the workout we already gave our legs!!  Get it??  Lifting the wine glasses??.....OK, I know it was weak but it's all I got!

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