Sunday, October 3, 2010

Buying Pants

You want to know the biggest giantest pain in the a** that we have been experiencing lately?  You guessed it--buying pants.  Both DH and I are getting heartily sick and tired of it.
First, we are never the same size from one brand to another.  Then, we have--um...let us say rise issues.  Then sometimes we find a pant that fits and by the time we wear it two or three times it no longer fits--the pants stretch out or something.  Especially those skinny jeans(and really, every jean I have purchased lately) that fit like a glove for the first day and then I spend the rest of the time I wear them yanking them up to my "natural" waist--you know, the one that has replaced your real waist....or  maybe that is our fake waist.  I'm just not sure anymore.
DH has a different problem.  He buys a pair and they fit great and then he goes to get another color and the same size, same store, same brand, supposedly, just a different color doesn't fit.  He now owns two pair of pants that fit.  He has had a weight loss and all his others are too baggy--think clown pants.
We probably shouldn't go pant shopping together because we just feed into each other's frustration.  By the time we are done we are cursing every pant producer on the planet.  Our frustration can feed into other areas of shopping like for shirts or shoes.  Thank goodness his size 14's require online shopping.  I don't know if we could bear it if we had to go to a store.
Anyway, I am wearing a new pair of pants right now.  They fit great!  But just wait until tomorrow and we'll see.

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