Thursday, October 7, 2010


I followed a car home a couple of days ago on my way home from my workout.  The driver skidded his tires, roared his engines, had loud loud music going and revved up at the stoplight. So naturally I thought the OBX sign on his car stood for obnoxious.  He rabbitjumped every time a light turned green and I thought he was aptly signed. We got tot he part of the route where the speed limit is just 25 and I couldn't wait to see what ole OBX would do.
Son of a gun, the kid tricked me.  He slowed right down to the speed limit which gave me a chance to pull up close enough to read that sign.  It was one of those oval ones from places you visit--this one was for the Outerbanks!!!  OOOOOOHHHHHH--so that's what it stands for.  I should have known.  OBX-Get it?
Anyway, since then I've seen plenty of drivers that should have that sign--the obnoxious one I mean.  You know who you are.  You cut people off or drive too fast on a surface street.  You are the guy who turns right from the left hand lane in front of two other lanes of traffic.  Whoops--did  you never hear of turning around and coming back?
Or the person who crosses over the double yellow line to turn left into the shopping area near me--who is then in the oncoming traffic lane for turning left going the opposite way.  You wouldn't believe how many of those drivers there are.  If you drive up toward them, they always act like you are the one in the wrong!!  What driver's manual ever instructs you to cross over the double yellow line into oncoming traffic to make a left hand turn?  The OBX one, I guess.

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