Saturday, October 9, 2010


If he were alive, John Lennon would be 70 years old.  I can't believe it.  He is still locked in my brain as a long-haired, granny glasses wearing young dad caring for his son. 
I saw an artist's rendering that aged his picture to what he would look like today.  He had short hair and wrinkles and I thought--nope probably not.  I just can't imagine(sorry about the pun here) John with short hair and wrinkles.  Even Yoko Ono doesn't look that wrinkled and still has a remnant of her old style so why wouldn't he?  That artist wasn't very imaginative(sorry there I go again).
I don't know much about John Lennon to tell the truth.  He was the married Beatle so I never developed a crush on him--I went for George-the quiet Beatle.  I thought John was the most radical Beatle.  I thought he was the most sensitive and artistic Beatle.
I've heard him say some pretty outrageous stuff in interviews but heck, he was just a kid with worldwide fame and an audience that was eager to hear anything he had to say.
The magazine cover of him and Yoko in bed was shocking at the time.  Now it just appears to be artistic to me.
He believed in peace and getting along with others and kindness and selflessness and got murdered for it.
That is awfully sad to me.
Loved his music.  Especially Imagine and Woman...but I didn't need to see that imagining of him being old.  He is forever young  to me.

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