Thursday, October 21, 2010

This and That

I used to write my blog all the time when I didn't have a theme for the day.  Someone criticized me about it so I stopped doing it.  Well, I'm back!

First, never never make a right hand turn from the left lane across two lanes of traffic.  I've seen it twice this week and it is scary and DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On one of my soaps the director's name is Phideaux Xavier.  Now if you know any French you would figure out that PHI-is like FI and DEAUX is like DO.  Put them together and you have the dog.  Here is some sage advice.  Don't name your kid after a dog--at least not one called Fido...or Spot....or RinTinTin.

Working out is good for you and sometimes even a lot of fun, but boy it sure stacks up the laundry.

Mary Worth is at it again in the comics.  She is helping a young woman choose her wedding dress and the friend with them is VERY critical( and probably jealous).  It's just like Say Yes to the Dress.  Whoever writes MW needs to get a new story line.  This one is much better on television.

I am so sick of the political ads I could puke.  I have been tuning in to TMC a lot lately just to avoid them.
Although I do get a kick out of the one where they make the candidate look like a Russian Czar!  It is hilarious.

I have discovered I talk to myself out loud when I am home alone.  Like my brain isn't going full speed ahead all the time..I have to chat myself up too.

I can get in trouble anywhere.  I am very good at it.  I don't mean to get in trouble but if I am honest or truthful or disagree, I am in hot water and usually get blamed for the whole problem.  I don't know how to stop it unless I just stay home and talk to myself while watching old movies or soaps with Phideaux.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure which topic goes with the picture but I say it matches all the political ads!! Love reading the blog--whatever the topic. You are one brave woman Sue. xo Bean