Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm So Spooked

I hate Halloween with a passion....ever since I was a kid.  Even with candy.
In third grade,the sleeves on my princess costume itched.  One year my mother made me be the knave of hearts.  She even gave me one of her homemade date and nut tarts to carry.  I tore it into bits during the Halloween parade and never told her I didn't eat it.  I just threw the pieces on the playground.
As a grown up I never fared much better.  I am not too creative in the costume dept.  Just ask my kids or DH.  I've been a cat a lot.  One year I was a bag of garbage....oh, yes, I really was.
My only cool costume was a giraffe mask I got at the San Diego zoo.  It was really life like and I painted brown patches on a gold sweat suit.  I put black gloves on my hands.  I was so cool but unfortunately, I scared my little students half to death in the mask so I had to walk around the whole day with that heavy sweat suit on and no mask.  I looked pretty dumb.
We don't get many trick or treaters in our neighborhood so we hardly ever stay home.  Usually we go out to dinner.  This year, my daughter will be home and she loves Halloween and passing out treats so I have them.  I had to buy something I don't care for so I wouldn't eat the whole bag  like the whole bag of Smarties I ate a couple of weeks ago. 60 rolls! Yikes!
I don't like scary things.  Even old Bela Lugosi movies terrify me and I've never seen any scary movie in recent years because I know the special effects are so good I'd last about 20 seconds!  I don't even like to talk about them so I'll shut up now.
In case you aren't like me, have a Happy Halloween, stay out of trouble, and if your princess outfit itches, I feel your pain!



Megan said...

Yay, you bought treats to pass out!!

I'm totally wearing my supergirl costume to hand out candy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I remember a pretty good Halloween Party at KSU. And you even 'made' some costumes. John and I still laugh!!! Your memory is a whole lot better than mine so I am sure you remember going downtown. Happy night out! We have grandkids soooo....we do Halloween. Just you wait.