Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh, yeah, today I went to the dentist at 10:45.  I am finally getting over it.  I had a root canal last week and today was the appointment for the temporary cap.  It was horrible.
It was the very last tooth in the back on the bottom so I guess it was awkward.
Did I say awkward?  I meant AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My mouth hung open for the better part of an hour and forty five minutes. My jaw is so tired I can hardly stand it.  Not to mention that he had to push my cheek out of the way while the assistant held my tongue back with a dental mirror.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Don't get me wrong. Our dentist is an okay guy. He isn't a sadist or anything like that.  He told me I was doing good about a million times and that I should keep breathing.  Wait, I'm not breathing?  What's he talking about? So I breathed...oops, he was right.
He gave me a tissue at the beginning of my appointment to dab my chin if I drooled or any such thing.  You should have seen it at the end of my appointment. I never dabbed my chin once but that little tissue was a balled up mass of wrinkles and all torn up to boot and then squished back together.  Who did that?  Oh, wait, I think it was me.
The chair looked out onto the parking lot and I saw a fire engine pull in and didn't give it much thought.  After sweating and not breathing and a pounding heart, the assistant finally got me out of the chair and we headed to the front desk to set up the next appointment.(oh goodie)  In the hallway are six firemen including two paramedics.  Oh, for me?  I didn't think I was that nervous.  And the girl says to me, "Oh, don't worry."  I had to laugh at that. Who, me, worry? 
Of course it wasn't for me.  Some lady had some kind of an attack.  I can't say I blame her and I wish I would have thought of it before we got started on my procedure.  I guess the novocaine must have numbed my brain.

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