Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pin Me

I am loving Pinterest.  Heaven knows when my daughter tried to explain it to me I just didn't get it.  It is really hard to explain to someone who doesn't pin.  My favorite question is Why?  My answer is always long and drawn out and full of explanations but the answer really is..... Because.
I have so much fun scanning all those pins and choosing ones I might use someday.  I have enough recipes to last until I'm 100+ years old.  I have so many "Good Ideas" and you should see my Polyvore board.  It would cost me mucho,mucho bucks to really have those clothes.  I can look at them any time I want for free!
Some of the ideas are practical.  I made sugar scrub for Christmas gifts and it turned out real good except one friend's son tried to eat it.  No harm done, it wasn't anything but sugar and olive oil and peppermint oil.  He is a high school graduate so you'd think he'd know better but whatever.
Anyway, I almost pinned something on my favorite things board this morning.  It was a picture of Barbie.  Then I saw the caption and decided no.  Why, you ask?  Haha, not Because. It said how to help your daughter avoid Barbie.
Barbie is not a demon.  Is she realistic?  Heck,no.  She is a teenage model for crying out loud.  Is a baby doll realistic?  Will all our girls grow up to think babies never cry or poop?  Nobody complains about that.  So why would a girl think she should look like Barbie?(who by the way doesn't poop either)
My daughter always loved Barbie.  She never thought she had to look like that.  She had her own beauty.  We told her.  She knew she didn't have to be a Barbie to be beautiful.
So, Moms, try talking to your daughters instead of dissing my old pal, Barbie.  When I was a gawky preteen, she was my friend.  She was my friend when I gave her to my daughter and watched my girl light up at the sight of that giant hair( it was the 90's after all) and the fluffy dress.  Oh, yes and I talked to my daughter about being pretty on the inside as well as the outside starting when she was hardly four years old.
That's what Barbie is good for.  Starting a conversation not a controversy.

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