Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You Can Always Go Downtown...or can you?

In case you haven't heard, Cleveland is bouncing back from the bad reputation of the last few decades.  My DS is really into it and loves spending time down there.  He even lived there for a while.  We got to see the air show from his roof.  It was pretty cool. 
There are a ton of restaurants down there and even I have gone to some of them.
I don't really go downtown.  DH and I would rather hit a winery than a downtown restaurant but that's just us.
Anyway, I don't want to debate the merits of downtown Cleveland. I want to tell you about a woman who refuses to go down there.  She was on the news last night and she said she had a really good reason she would never go there again.
I thought maybe she had been robbed or aggressively panhandled, possibly even been physically harmed.  She was adamant that she would not go down there because of her horrible experience.
Wanna know what it was?  I sure did.  She was riding a city bus and a mentally handicapped person sat next to her and........licked her face!  Say what?  Someone licked your face so you wrote off the whole downtown Cleveland experience?  You didn't just wash your face and go on with your life?
Now don't get me wrong.  I wouldn't want anyone to lick my face either but I can think of a few ways I could have handled it.  Like wipe my face off with a tissue til I got to the nearest washroom.  Like tell the mentally handicapped person not to do that.  It was unacceptable. 
If the person sitting next to the woman licked her it was probably on the cheek cause any other thing is not logical.  Like the front of her face or something.  Don't you think you'd notice someone getting close enough to lick you???   What, was she asleep?  Obviously the person who did it didn't understand personal space.
Anyway, I just thought the whole thing was overblown and stupid.
I don't go downtown much either but I would never say never and she shouldn't have either because by the end of the piece, the reporter talked her into going down there again in spite of her horrible experience.  Oh, brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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