Friday, February 22, 2013

On Getting Old

I am coming to grips with the fact that although I may not think it or feel it other people are considering me an old lady.
Today at Target the 12 year old clerk who took care of my return called me honey.  Honey, like in boy, you are old!  You'll be proud of me when I tell you I didn't slug her or anything.
Then I headed to the mall.  It was an icy morning here in Northeastern Ohio and the parking lot at the mall was a skating rink.  There was an older woman walking a bit ahead of me and another woman(not that much different in age from me I suspect) offered to walk her to the door.  The first woman refused and said she was not taking any chances and was going back inside her car.  As she passed me I said to both of them something along the lines of  yikes, it's a mess in this parking lot.  They both agreed. Lady returned to her car and the other one turns to me and says, "Can I help you to the door, sweetie?"
I wanted to scream I AM NOT A SWEETIE nor am I an old lady who needs assistance getting to the door of JCPenney.  I just laughingly said no thanks and stormed my way(very carefully, I didn't want to fall down) in to the store. Another woman who doesn't know how lucky she was not to get slugged this morning.
The fact that I almost fell on my ass twice on my way into the bank earlier is not relevant to this story. LOL
I must be honest though and admit something.  I was dusting the other day( I know, right?) and was working on my doll case which has a mirrored back.  Suddenly I saw a woman with a wrinkly neck, white skin, tons of wrinkles and kindof uncombed hair.  I almost screamed until I realized it was ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So maybe these people who insist on calling me honey and asking me if I use the computer or want to walk me in the door have some evidence to think those things are necessary.  Or else, as my DH said, I was just a victim of bad lighting!

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