Sunday, February 24, 2013

You know that old saying be careful what you asks for you might get it?  Well, that really hit home with me recently as I "learned" how to tie my Polyvore stylings to this blog.  Oh, I was so excited to put one up there since I had blogged about it the same day.
Now it won't stop doing it.  I have all these outfits up here that I don't want.  I always think I'm pretty tech savvy but this has thrown me for a loop.  My kids would probably laugh if they read that I think I'm tech savvy because I still haven't synched my phone and my car after almost two years.  I can't really run my Wii with out the written instructions my DD left for me.  I also have trouble copying and pasting but only sometimes like when the icon isn't right in front of my face.
But I'm not an idiot about it--most of the time.
Here's an example of one of those rare times.  My sister wrote a book that my book club decided to read.  We had to pre-order it at because it took about 8 weeks for it to show up on and Barnes and
So my friend(who shall remain nameless) called and said she couldn't find the site and could I help her.  Sure, said savvy Susan.
Well, she kept telling me it was closed.  I kept telling her a website isn't closed when I am looking right at it at the same time.  After a ten or fifteen minute struggle involving my friend, her husband, my daughter and myself, I figured out she was saying "clothes" not closed and we directed her to the correct site and all was well.
I guess that wasn't really ever tech unsavvy, just bad hearing!
PS  In case you are wondering my sister's book is Waiting for Dusk  by Nancy Pennick.  My book club loved it!  Even my "closed" friend!


Nancy Pennick said...

Was wondering why all those outfits were up there! LOL Thanks for the shout out, btw.

SUE said...

I finally figured out how to stop it Thank goodness!