Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back it Up

Well, Sunday night the kitchen sink backed up.  A lot.  It didn't overflow onto the floor or anything and DH said he'd fix it the next day if I would just empty out the cleaning products under the sink.  No problemo.
Yes, there was a problemo.  DH had to work on some disaster recovery thing at work so our disaster got put on the back burner so to speak.  He didn't even get home until midnight.
So this morning he says to me all cheerful-like, The sink is fixed.  It fixed itself. I tested it twice and everything is fine. Mm-hmm.
It did not fix itself.  I was washing out the blender after my morning smoothie and guess what?  The sink backed up.  Again.
I texted DH to let him know he was in for another amazingly fun night.  He couldn't believe it!  Oh, it's true.  DH, you just have to trust me.
See, we have this thing going on. Our toilet plugs up sometimes, well, a lot.  Not bad but enough to be a gigantic nuisance.  I can't plunge because I have a shoulder injury and I just don't want to anyway.  So I leave it for him. Nice, huh?
Anyway, he always tells me I don't know how to flush.  Really????????????  Just push the handle down, right?  I think I figured that out a long time ago, like when I was 5.
I always say there is something wrong with the toilet.  He doesn't believe me.
Now I am wondering(and believe me I hope I am dead wrong) if the two problems are tied together.  Now wouldn't that be lovely?
So if it doesn't get fixed tonight, the plumber is the next call.  Anyone know a good one?

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