Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Let me tell you it is not any kind of fun being in the hospital.
First, I thought I was having a heart attack.  I wasn't.  That's good, right?
Well, not so much.
 I had a gangrenous gall bladder.  Hurts like a heart attack that doesn't go away.  It is gone now and I will get better but it will take a while.  In the mean time it hurts.  A lot.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about the pain.  I want to talk about the hospital experience.  How nurses are angels among us.  How the food sucks.... a lot.  How my family stepped up to the plate.  How Son's girl intervened on my behalf. She's one of those angels, ie a nurse.  How DD dropped everything to be with me.  How Son told the Gall Bladder doctors to send a letter to the heart doctors who should have never ever sent me home.  How DH is depending on his kids as adults for the first time in his life.  How I can see DH is scared half to death but is trying to be brave.  How he wants to help but doesn't know what to do.
I met one of our former students in hospital this week.  She was the nurse floor manager.  I didn't have her myself but I had her older brother.  She was so happy to see me and I was so proud of her.  What a bonus when a teacher sees and hears about  students' accomplishments.  It doesn't happen often.
I didn't meet any hospital employee who wasn't kind or nice or fun to talk to or interested in me.  And you weren't just a number either.
I know this because Sis was in the same hospital for a small procedure and we had the same post op nurse who remembered me when Sis mentioned my name.  Plus another nurse told her I'm not old.  I really like that one!
If you have to go to the hospital, I'm not saying it will be fun or you will enjoy yourself.  I am saying you'll be among people who really care about others.  What more could we ask for?

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