Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spooky Elegance

I just went to the coolest wedding.  That's why I wasn't around.  We had heard all kinds of rumors about it but it turned out not to be crazy.  It was beautiful.
The bride looked elegant.  The groom looked tall and handsome.  The zombies didn't hang around for long.  The cake looked like a chain saw gear was stuck in it and they cut the cake with a hacksaw.
The bride's shoes had zombies on them.  The groom wore purple tennis with the Swedish flag embroidered on them very discreetly.
The music was loud and young.  The dancing was frenetic to watch.  Everyone had a good time.
How you combine sophisticated and spooky takes a creative mind.  The bride had so many good ideas.  You could trick or treat at each table because part of the centerpiece was Halloween candy--a different type at each table.  The centerpiece was a white pumpkin wrapped in lace with pearly lights around on a black wrought iron stand.  Beautiful.
There was lots of purple.  Lots of lace.  And lots of little ones in skeleton pj's at the reception.
Weddings are really interesting now.  Most brides pick a theme and stick to it in all the décor and clothing.  I think I like it.

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