Monday, October 21, 2013

Suicidal Squirrels and Other Signs of Fall

I love Fall....for the most part anyway.  I always wonder why squirrels suddenly start running into the street right in front of cars at this time of the year.   Not some of them, ALL of them.  Mass suicide is not the way to propagate the species, Squirrels.  And let me tell you something else.  If this is some kind of game you all invented to weed out the weak among you, it may not be working.  I've seen more squashed squirrels in the last two days than I did all summer.  WTF, Squirrels????????
I really love the changing leaves....for the most part.   My favorite is when they all fall and the wind blows and they all go over in our neighbor's yard.  Well, I'm just being honest.  I bet you wish that happened at your house.  We have one less tree this year so it won't be as bad....for them.  Why our neighbors on the other side's leaves never come into our yard is a mystery.
I love apples.....but not apple cider.  Well, that isn't really right either.  I found out yesterday that I love apple cider with bourbon and vanilla and caramel and pumpkin pie spices.  Who knew?
I don't really like pumpkin pie either....well, maybe a little.  What I really like is pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin muffins and even that jello pudding they make at this time of the year--stir it up with a little Cool Whip and you have a real treat.
I HATE Halloween.  I think I already covered this but I have to admit I'm going to a Halloween party and I got costumes for me and DH and I'm making tortilla chips shaped like bats.  And, oh yes, I'm lovin' me some Halloween candy.
I love Thanksgiving......for the most part.  I just really hate turkey.  No white or dark meat has ever made me go YUMMY.  Now I love stuffing and I love broccoli casserole and sweet potatoes.  I hate hate hate mashed potatoes.  I have a really good reason but that is for another post.  If you don't really believe me, just ask my Sis.
So that is the fall season to me.  Oh and I forgot to say, I hate football.  Sorry.

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