Saturday, October 5, 2013

Say What??

This man is the biggest hypocrite on the planet.  Ok, maybe just one of them. His name is Congressman Randy Neugbauer. He had the nerve to confront a Park Ranger at the World War II memorial and tell her she shouldn't deny the public access.  She should be ashamed.  How could she turn them away?
She was so polite.  She said it was difficult to send them away, sir.  She said she wasn't ashamed though.  Good for her. Too bad she couldn't go further.  Like tell him she was doing what HE and his colleagues instructed.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't her idea to close down the government.
He was the most condescending and  self righteous he could be.  He berated that poor woman in front of a pretty good size crowd.  Maybe he thought they were all from his home state and he would win some brownie points and get reelected when the time comes.
You know, I don't understand a lot of Obamacare and I sure don't understand why a group of grown men would act like a bunch of twelve year olds but I do understand that you don't blame the low man on the totem pole in public.  That is just plain stupid.
You only do that in private...... Oh, you know I'm right.
We all should feel like a bunch of fools for electing these morons to run the country for us.  We should hire people like that Park Ranger and the guy who stood up for her.  He said he was a government employee too and he would like to do his job so the Congressman should do his.  Neugbauer told him to blame Mr. Reid.   The man told him that he blames ALL OF THEM.  They are not doing their jobs.
 Get a budget and get to work.  If you don't like Obamacare and think it won't really work than COMPROMISE.  Look it up in the dictionary.

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