Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pollyanna and Polyvore

Pollyanna was a fine Disney film.  I watched it while I was blowing my nose and not moving off the couch.  I came in on it toward the end where she went to the Bazaar and came home and fell out of the tree trying to sneak back home.  She was paralyzed and the Doctor was taking her to the hospital somewhere to get fixed up and the town's people were all waving goodbye.  The end.  What????  I thought I remembered her coming home in a wheelchair and then Aunt Polly turned nice and the Doctor was her boyfriend or possible fiancé  and everyone was so happy and Pollyanna got out of the wheelchair. That's The end.  Right??  Or am I making that up?  I mean what Disney movie doesn't have closure and a happy ending?
Anyway, Pollyanna is a perfect child.  She is upbeat and well behaved(for the most part) and everyone loves here even the most curmudgeony of the curmudgeons.  It could make you ill it  is so saccharine. 
Polyvore.com is a perfect world too.  You can see from the picture that I imagine myself to be  a size four, young and a perfect body.  I love playing Polyvore.  I have made so many outfits some of them have even accidentally ended up here!  That was a while back and before I learned how to turn off the share button.
Anyway, I guess my  point is that we all need a little bit of perfect in our lives.  Mine is Polyvore.  Pollyanna's was...... well, her.  I hope you have a little bit of perfect in your life too.

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