Monday, October 7, 2013

Need to Know

I just found myself sitting in my car in the garage waiting to hear the story behind the dog in the RCA Victor ads. What the heck??
 The caller thought he was named Victor but the DJ(who, by the way, seems to know a lot of trivia) said no he was named Nipper.
Guess how it got its name?  Because it liked to bite people.  OoooKay. Very original.  Nipper got in the ads after he died because his last owner wanted to pay tribute to him.  The expression in the ads was always, his master's voice.  His little ear was cocked up toward a record player.  It seems to me that Nipper never ever listened to his master while he was alive so I don't get it.  Maybe the last owner( now don't you wonder how many owners Nipper had????) just put him in the best possible light.  Or maybe he just thought he was cute.  Who knows?
Why I wanted to know all this I cannot tell you.  I was a little tired from my workout.  I thought it would be interesting. But, no it wasn' all.

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