Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I can't believe that it is the first day of December already. This year has flown by so quickly....I can hardly remember everything that happened.

In January, we celebrated my husband's birthday and got a cake from Archie's bakery which is supposed to be similar to Hough Bakery. HMMMM Jury's still out on that one. Apparently my daughter was having car trouble as there are a bunch of car repair shops written on my calendar. Whatever.

In February, we had a new hood installed over the fridge and we celebrated my son's birthday. My book club had their first meeting too.

In March, I dyed my hair back to brown after being silver for almost a year and a half. Other than that, I must have been pretty boring because nothing is written in the calendar.

April brought Easter and I picked up the ham. Wow!

In May, sis and I had a garage sale and my cousin's daughter got married in Chicago. One of DH's cousins also tied the knot so I know my daughter was home from Vegas.

June was the month I started my volunteer work at the hospital and we went to the movies.(In this house, that is a big deal!!)

July brought the 4th of course and a little trip up to Sandusky to meet up with our friends who live in Toledo. We also went to see the Captains play baseball and it poured down rain while we were there but beer cost only a buck.

In August we celebrated sis' birthday and had a trip to Port Clinton, OH for a few days where our son and his best bud met us. Our friends from Toledo came down too and we went to Mon Ami winery and got a little drunk on tastes of all their wine.

In September, there was a whirlwind of activity as my daughter had her birthday, DH and I went out to Vegas to see her and she and I drove to her new home in Michigan. I never got home until October.

The rest of October went by in a flurry of doctor appointments and Halloween.

November couldn't be topped as it was my 60th birthday and the whole family spent a few days in Vegas to celebrate. I will never forget swimming on my birthday--a first. Thanksgiving was the best one we ever had. Food was fantastic and everyone was there!

Now the whirlwind of December begins. I will be food shopping and baking and planning and wrapping gifts and cleaning house and planning and entertaining.....well, you get the idea.

I may not post much during this hectic time unless something really exciting happens. If I don't have a happy holiday season and remember the year flies by so enjoy it and by all means, take notes!

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