Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa's Little Helper II

I am all wrapped and baked and ready to go. Santa don't have nothin' on me!! And I don't even have any elves!

I think all the gifts are good and appropriate for the receivers. They are all piled up in my work room upstairs and it does look like Santa opened his pack up there!

I love helping Santa. I used to want him to come to my house and bring the gifts but as an adult I find that getting them yourself is even more satisfying. I start early on watching and thinking of things my family members might like. Sometimes I even start the day after Christmas...really.

I know I'm not the only Santa's helper around. I know quite a few of them personally. We all get a little shiver of happiness when we find a great sale and/or the perfect gift for someone. It's really best when you find that is a rush.

Some things just pop into your sight line and there is the perfect gift that you know whoeveritis will just love.

In our family gifts are not just so we can have lots of belongings and we aren't particularly materialistic. We use gifts to express our love and to say I know you well and here is something to reflect that.

My dad was a great Santa. He loved to buy things and a good thing since he was a purchasing agent at a tool company! Every Christmas it was his job to buy the secretaries at the office a gift. He got lots of gifts too--my mom used to call it loot. Back then, the sales force bought gifts for their clients, their prospective clients and anyone who let them in the door to give a sales pitch! It was some pretty cool stuff too.

Anyway, he parlayed all that into being the best Santa's helper ever! On Christmas morning he couldn't wait for us to get up and get at the tree! He handed out the gifts one at a time so it would last longer. We still do that to this day. Everybody oohs and aahs over the gift and then it is someone else's turn.

I really don't know who feels best..the giver, the receiver or the ooher!

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