Sunday, December 13, 2009

Must Be Santa

Yesterday, I saw the cutest news story about a group of policemen who sponsored a Christmas party for kids in need. The kids were allowed to choose from tables filled with gifts and clothes.

One officer said she got really choked up because most kids want to pick out something for their moms first.

They employed the best looking Santa I ever have seen. He was dressed beautifully with a cape and a staff and he sang and hohohoed. Both DH and I commented on how well he looked. The kids all swarmed around him and one little girl made a beeline straight to him with her arms stretched out for a hug but..........She had to be sure.....she didn't want to give a hug to just any old man in a red suit!

So, as he bent down to return the hug, she quickly gave his beard a tiny tug and Lo! and Behold! it was really him!

So she gave him a giant squeeze and ran off camera with the biggest smile you ever did see!

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