Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Joys of Fitness II

I'm sure you have been waiting with baited breath to find out how my foot is faring.  Well, it is better but not because I went to the doctor.  I didn't go--I was my own doc.  I have injured my foot enough times to know that he would wrap it and send me home and tell me to ice it and rest it(yeah, right, it's like my foot  I have to walk on it).  SO I took a day off from Curves, rested and iced it and wrapped it very subtly and continued to live my life.  My sis didn't notice that I was limping or anything because I was that much better than when I last typed.
Today I did my subtle wrap and decided to wear sandals( I know, I know) and it was fine all day.  I guess it was not so subtle though because the first thing my BF said to me was what did you do to your foot.  I had to laugh.  She noticed it right away.  Subtle as a heart attack.
Beleive me, I am not miraculously cured, but I am better and good enough for the Susan G. Koman walk on Saturday morning.  I'm just glad it's not uphill.

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