Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh Me Oh My

What are those people on TLC trying to prove with having 19 kids and counting?  Their latest child is plagued with health problems and family has to wash their hands just to be in her presence and the second youngest(who is just a baby herself) was told in the promo I saw not to touch the "baby."
Now I know these people have the right to have as many children as they want but I would think by now that they would say enough is enough.  Didn't they ever see that old show??  Eight is enough.  I should say so and they were all the picture of health. 
If my nineteenth child had spent that much time in the hospital and still had the potential for things to go wrong internally, I think I would be done.  No matter what the old Hubby says or what my religion says or what anybody says. 
Plus I would like to know when this woman who has nineteen children finds the time to even have sex!  She should be exhausted.  So should he for that matter.  These people are just nuts!
Is it because they are on television?  Do they feel they have to keep spitting out the kids to keep their show? I don't know the motivation but listen up, Duggar family, it's time to stop.
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