Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Say No

I should never take any caffeine.  I just get the weirdest feeling from it.  Like ten thousand bugs are biting me and crawling all over me and it is so itchy, I cannot stand it.
So at the ripe old age of sixty you would think I completely avoid it, right?  Wrong.  Sometimes I cave and yesterday was one of those days. We went to Subway to get lunch after our walk and I just was in the mood for something besides water and one glass of soda couldn't hurt, right?  Wrong!
The funny thing is I always forget the symptoms.  At first I thought some kind of bug got in my hair during our walk in the woods.  Then I thought maybe I got into poison ivy or some other kind of itch-producing plant. And then I make the fatal mistake of starting to scratch the itch.  Since it really doesn't exist that is a futile undertaking and I am always sorry when it finally dawns on me that there is no bug bite or rash from a plant-I had soda with lunch!!  It is nine pm and now I know I will have to knock myself out in order to sleep.  Four Tylenol later I finally fell asleep around 2 AM.
I had crazy dreams and woke up about seven hundred times but at least I didn't have to get up and watch late late late night television.  House Hunters International repeats can get a little boring especially if you already saw them.
I don't fall off the wagon often so I guess that's why I forget the symptoms.  I even have a little left this morning or else I have developed fleas overnight.  Wait---I just checked, no fleas so it's just a caffeine hangover and I'll fell better tomorrow.  Can't wait!

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