Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Can't Help Myself

If you asked my children they would say I have a weird sense of humor.  I prefer to think of it as wacky.  Sometimes the strangest things strike me funny and I have a good laugh over it.
For instance, a couple of days ago, I saw a bumper sticker that said "Bruce Willis and/or Arnold Schwarzenegger for President.  I couldn't stop laughing.  How about that?  Co-presidents.  Or Bruce could be our first shaved-head, pierced ear Prez.  Think about it--that's pretty funny.
Then I saw a woman walking her little dog in our neighborhood.  Tiny little dog.  She was carrying a BIG trash bag presumably to pick up her dog's "gifts" that it left on our neighbors' lawns.  The bag was about 4 times the size of the dog.  She must have had big expectations of that little pooch.
The same day, a local county commissioner was arrested for corruption and I watched as he was put into a police car and was driven off--while giving the camera the middle finger salute.  He must have thought it was the international sign for "I'm innocent."  They showed it on the news about twenty times and I laughed my  head off the entire time.
Yesterday, as I was driving to the gym, I almost got hit by a car that decided to change lanes--right into me.  I narrowly avoided being hit and I felt like I was going to cry for a second but instead I just started laughing. I could start laughing right now just thinking about it.  It's probably mild hysteria but it's still funny.
I could give you some other examples--like Bruce Dern getting dragged behind a horse in the movie, The Cowboys but I think you get the idea.
Anyway, I read recently that laughing is good for you and it helps burn calories.  So the next time something strikes you funny, go ahead and laugh, even if everyone else thinks you're weird.  You'll have the last laugh because you will be svelte from burning all those calories.
You should see how skinny I am now!  Not like these old pics!!

PS  Now I am laughing as I write this...Only in Hollywood could Roddy McDowell grow up to be Peter Lawford and that little 10 year old vixen, Elizabeth Taylor grow up to be June Lockhart.   Just watch The White Cliffs Of Dover and you'll see it for yourself!!

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