Monday, September 13, 2010

Susan at Susan G.

Well, I never thought I would do something like this but I walked in the 5K race for Susan G. Komen.  DH and my daughter came with me and we were pretty psyched about doing it.  It would be our longest walk so far.  We go every weekend and hike about a mile and a half each day but this was totally different.
I have never seen so many people hovering around the same space in my life.  20,000 is the estimate of the participants and there were watchers also.
Cheerleading groups cheered us on as well as Romona Robinson from Channel3 news.  She was on a platform at the beginning of the race looking gorgeous.  We looked pretty good too considering we had spent almost an hour in line to get our shirts and numbers.  I was something like 14, 298.  That's how many people had signed up by the time we did.
There was food and all kinds of hand outs but we had no time for that because the race began just as we got our shirts on and our pinneys pinned on.  Away we went, slow as turtles.  I laughed and said we sure didn't need to train for this--at this rate it will take us until noon(it was 9:30 at the time)!!   How wrong I was for as we travelled along we hit our stride looked for openings and wove our way through the crowd.  We were strong, we were fierce.  We made it in one hour and one minute which for three and a half miles is not that bad for us. It's about 3 miles per hour.  So we were pretty proud.
We got a free banana and water when we got back to the Wolstein Center and suddenly, we all felt really tired and just wanted to sit down.  We had to walk another several blocks back to our car  to get home.   DH and my daughter both had naps as soon as they could.
I was gloating to myself about how I was the strongest as I didn't nap and then at 8:30 PM  I was out like a light--for the night.  I woke up briefly at around 11 PM because my kids came home from the rain delayed ball game and they weren't exactly quiet as we would usually be up.  I said hi to them and went straight to bed and never woke up until 8 AM the next day.  So much for gloating!
So, take that, breast cancer.  Hope we beat you.  We'll keep walking until we do!

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